Cyber Security


Cyber ​​Securit, which operates under B-01 powered by BlendIT brand, has defined the right Cyber ​​Security proposal for each level of risk and has all the criteria to strengthen the “business-continuity” of companies, with global analysis and researches that go as far as the most remote and less clear corners of the web (hackering crimes and dark web).


The Cyber Security Assessment practices of B-01 accurately define the degree of IT risk of a company, but in addition to proposing potential solutions to the vulnerabilities of the systems, they focus with ownership which is the degree of risk deemed 'acceptable'.


The Cyber Intelligence procedures implemented by B-01 are distinguished by the depth of the analyzes and the dimension of the areas investigated, from the Internet universe to social platforms, up to the darkest 'folds' of the dark web. The results achieved and the satisfaction of the companies certify the high level of reliability of B-01 solutions.


Network security is a critical element for any operational reality. The problems in a system apparently so easily identifiable surpasses the user's imagination because the networks carry data originated and destined for a multitude of areas: office automation, detection of production data of industrial plants, exchange of information between servers and much more.
B01 addresses the issue of network security by analyzing in depth the data of the entire industrial process, examining those generated within the structure by sensors, automatisms, software and applications and crossing them with the incoming and outgoing flows, to identify and correct criticalities and redundancies, to keep the network efficiency high and to prevent attempts at fraudulent system penetration.


The fiduciary collaborations developed over time with international bodies and organizations make B-01 today an important forensic reference for analyzing the types of crimes in the IT field and providing legal advice to define the historical, current and future aspects of a given cyber crime.


B-01 strongly promotes the sharing of information on ways to combat computer crimes, with Cyber Security Awareness training protocols dedicated to individuals and with more articulated Open Source Intelligence and Applications Security projects proposed to companies to prevent the increasingly widespread crimes Network. The B-01 consultancy is the guarantee of a safe path.